How to Determine if Molded Cables are the Right Option

September 17th, 2018 | Posted by admin

At Assembly Solutions, we work with OEMs of many sizes, across many industries. From smaller startup companies, getting their first new product ideas being established, to large OEMs who have used or contract manufacturing services for years, we have the ability to meet the need of any client.

We work with our customers from concept through to production, and offer a range of services including: printed circuit boards, cable harnesses, custom molded cables, and electro mechanical box build services. We can provide solutions for mobile devices, USB cables, computer cables, cables used in aviation and defense, medical devices, and controllers. In short, we offer a complete solution to many of our customers’ needs.

Ideal Uses

The benefit to using molded cables over standard cables in a harness assembly is in the level of protection the modeled exterior provides. This is not just about protecting the cable itself; although that is essential in many applications, it also protects the area where the cable and the connector are attached.

With the manufacturing of molded cables, the mold is designed to allow the cable, with the connectors already attached, to be encased in the liquid plastic. Once hardened in the mold, this plastic layer covers the entire cable and the connector tops, ensuring extra protection at an area of potential weakness.

In addition, the plastic exterior prevents damage from wear and tear, extending the life of the cable. It also eliminates the risk of moisture damage, and delays any type of degradation of the cable, dramatically extending its life.

If you have any questions about the advantages of these cables, or to discuss your custom cable requirements, contact the team at 888-744-8588.