Assembly Solutions – Leader in the Industry

Over the last 15 years, we have committed our resources to provide our customers exceptional quality and delivery using state of the art technology. We are dedicated to our customers’ requirements and are ready provide solutions to meet any needs. Assembly Solutions stands behind not only our products and services, but also our dedicated support team, to enable our customers to be leaders in their industries.

One of the Most Competitively Priced Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

We are an established company that provides a wide variety of electronic contract manufacturing services. Committed to offering a customized solution to a wide variety of electronic assembly projects, we are also a wire harness manufacturer that can provide harnesses and cable assembly solutions for a wide range of businesses. We are proud to serve customers from a range of sectors, including agriculture, aviation, construction, industrial controllers, video/surveillance equipment, and the military.

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers

From our years of experience as cable assembly manufacturers, we've learned that no two customers are alike. Each has specific requirements when it comes to the capabilities, size, and layout of their cable assembly. We are custom cable manufacturers that can design and create cables and assemblies to your exact specifications. Our turnkey methods and emphasis on value ensures that everything we do offers value-for-money and is intended to make best use of your resources.

One of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies that Invests in its People

We believe that one of the secrets to our continued success is our pro-active, experienced, and highly skilled workforce. We invest heavily in our workers and our machinery, enabling us to offer a range of hi-tech services that deliver excellent results. Our company has the capability to handle large-volume orders, as well as small custom orders. As custom harness manufacturers, we stand out from the rest due to our flexibility, versatility, and ability to save you money.

Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

No matter what your project may be, when it comes to getting your electronic assembly or cabling job done on time and in your budget, we have the capacity to compete the task. We are one of the electronic contract manufacturing companies that consistently gives our customers more for their money. To find out more about what we can offer or discuss your project with us in more detail, call us at (888) 744-8588.