Assembly Solutions is committed to meeting customer expectations by providing low cost manufacturing solutions and value added engineering services. Our continued investments in technology and people will reinforce this commitment in providing unprecedented levels of service.

Engineering Services

Our Philosophy

Contract manufacturing offers an outsourcing strategy which enables any organization to take advantage of critical mass manufacturing, resource utilization and strategic partnerships. Assembly Solutions recognizes these dynamics and will work together with our customers to help them gain and maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace.

Our People

Our specialty is working with customers who require a high degree of responsiveness and engineering change order management. We have an experienced senior level staff with a combined skill set of over fifty years in the areas of: Materials/Purchasing Mangagement, Manufacturing/Production Control, Quality, Engineering and Sales/Marketing. Our manufacturing staff consists of committed individuals to assure quality and timely delivery.

Our Process

Flexibility, innovation and teamwork are the cornerstone of our manufacturing process. Assembly Solutions will continue to acquire, develop and enhance the tools necessary to incorporate a proactive stance in the areas of procurement, design, electronic assembly and quality assurance. Some of these tools include:

A well defined system for documenting the process flow of each manufactured product:
  • Process work instructions and visual aids
  • IPC-A-610 Class II/Class 3 workmanship standards
  • On going training and classification updates
  • Process flow and staging
  • Testing methods
  • Packaging instructions