3 Reasons We Are Top Rated Cable Assembly Manufacturers

April 2nd, 2018 | Posted by admin

Our customers turn to Assembly Solutions for a wide range of different services. One of the specialized services we offer across the industries we work in includes the design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

In our facility, we are able to provide full design through to manufacturing of all types of cable harness assemblies. Unlike some cable assembly manufacturers, we can accommodate small to large production requirements while providing our customers with a low cost of production and the best quality cable assemblies on the market.

While all cable assembly manufacturers will have basic services that are very similar, there are several distinct ways that we are different from the competition.

Extensive Experience Across Industries

We have provided cable assemblies for a wide variety of different OEMs. These include automotive and aviation companies, heavy-duty equipment manufacturers, medical device companies and for industrial control and elevator control services. Additionally, we also provide cable assemblies for military and defense applications and for radar equipment, which means we have the experience you need on your project.

Capabilities for Production

Using the latest in technology, equipment, and innovations in the industry, we have the capability to meet your production needs. As cable assembly manufacturers for very large companies as well as smaller OEMs, we can match our production to your orders to ensure delivery of the cable assemblies based on your schedule.

Quality Control

As an ISO 9001 registered company with J-Standard 001 and IPCC-A-610 Class ll and lll certification, we have the training and the quality control process in place to ensure our manufacturing meets global standards in any industry.

We also have UL, CSA and CE certification, which provides our customers with the confidence in the quality of products we provide with every order. To learn more about how our cable assembly service can help your business, call us today at 1-888-744-8588.