Important Focus Points When Hiring a Wire Harness Manufacturer

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by

A critical part of being a successful OEM is knowing what to do in-house, and when to outsource to specialists. At Assembly Solutions, we provide specialized manufacturing services for printed circuit board design and assembly, electro mechanical box build, engineering design services and also offer a full range of services as a wire harness manufacturer.

Experience in Multiple Industries

Unlike some companies, we work with a wide range of industries. Our customers include OEMs in the military and defense, medical device, aerospace and aviation, agricultural, industrial control, measurement instrumentation, and elevator control industries to name just a few. Within all of these industries, we have experience as a custom wire harness manufacturer working to the specifications of our customers and all industry requirements.

This experience across industries is instrumental in being able to design custom cable harnesses. Often challenges we have worked through in another project, perhaps even in another industry, give us the creativity and innovation required to address a challenge in a current custom cable harness design.

Production Capacity

As a wire harness manufacturer with the ability to work with small and large OEMs, we have the capacity to handle single order requests or ongoing production and assembly needs.

We are also able to increase production to meet the needs of our customers, and we have a solid reputation for on-time delivery and fast turnaround, even on custom harness orders.

As with all of our services, we focus on quality assurance and quality control as a primary aspect of custom wire and cable harness design. Having the ability to also complete wire harness assembly is an additional benefit to our customers, allow for faster fabrication and less risk of human error during the on-site wiring of a component, system or device.

To learn more about our custom cable harness manufacturing and assembly, get in touch with us today at 888-744-8588.