Obtaining Assistance From Custom Cable Manufacturers

December 12th, 2018 | Posted by

Developing a unique idea for equipment, systems, electronics and other types of devices is just the very beginning of a long process from concept to market. As an OEM, ensuring every detail in the design, prototype and eventual production of each component in the product is critical to marketing, branding and your company’s reputation.

At Assembly Solutions, we take our role in providing engineering design services very seriously. This allows us to not only create the best design but also to focus on quality in all we do, including our custom cable harnesses and assembly. As recognized custom cable manufacturers for small and large companies in a wide range of industries, we know this is a formula that works for our customers.

Quality in Custom Designs and Manufacturing

Not all companies operating as custom cable manufacturers have dedicated teams working in this specific area. At Assembly Solutions, one of our focus services is custom cable harness design and manufacturing, and this specialization makes it easy for us to ensure quality is built into every step of the process.

For example, it is common for engineers not experienced with custom cable harnesses and assembly to fail to consider the bend radius of the cable, or perhaps using a cable that does not meet the environmental temperature in the system or the equipment. Other factors our experts consider is the need for chemical resistant wiring, ensuring the wires are cut correctly, and the right connectors are used. We also create the ideal match between the wire capabilities and the specific application.

By focusing in on quality and ensuring no mistakes are made during the design and assembly process, we provide a low-cost, efficient and fast solution to your custom wire harness needs.

To find why we stand out from other custom cable manufacturers in the industry, talk to our experts. Give us a call at 888-744-8588, and we can get started on your custom cable design.