We Offer a Full Range of Electro Mechanical Assembly Options

Our customers value our competitively priced, high-quality work on wire harnesses and electrical circuitry. Building on our expertise in these areas, we’ve extended our services to include the creation of comprehensive electro mechanical systems that include a range of methods that enable the electrical elements of your project to be appropriately organized, enclosed and packaged so that they can be easily incorporated into your products.

Wide Selection of Mechanical Cable Assemblies and Electro Mechanical Box Build

Assembly Solutions offers complete electro-mechanical assembly services including box build, subassembly and complete product contract manufacturing. With dedicated work cells, we can optimize any mechanical configuration for low cost componentry, ease of assembly and UL/CSA support. No matter how you want your electrical circuitry to operate, we can come up with a suitable solution that’s compatible with your goals.

Low Cost Electro Mechanical Assembly

Cost, along with reliability, quality, and the ability to meet deadlines, are always priorities for our customers. We aim to offer turnkey solutions that are based around using existing resources more efficiently, rather than throwing more money or resources at creating a successful answer to the production issue you face. With years of experience behind us, our goal is always to provide services to our customers that offer excellent value as well as high quality and consistency.

Mechanical Cable Assemblies for a Wide Range of Industries

Our services are widely utilized by companies from many different sectors including aviation, elevator controls, medical, agriculture, military, industrial controllers, and more. We have the capability to provide the economical, high-grade input you need for success. To find out more, call us at (888) 744-8588.

"We can customize our manufacturing process to accommodate your prototype to production volumes"

  • Simple Enclosure Assemblies
  • Full Cabinet Assemblies
  • Displays
  • Din Rail Assemblies
  • Front Panel Assemblies
  • Chassis/Multi-Rack Panel Wiring
  • Power Supply Assemblies
  • Fan Trays
  • Drawer Assemblies
Mechanical Cable Assemblies