Steps In Custom Circuit Board Design

December 4th, 2018 | Posted by

One of the specialized services Assembly Solutions is well-known for is custom circuit board design. Our expertise in printed circuit boards (PCBs) allows us to develop highly complex boards for all types of devices and equipment.

Listening to our Customers

The first step in all of our custom circuit board design projects is to listen to the customer. We want to make sure we fully understand the specifics of the application as well as any special requirements our customers may have for the PCB.

With this information, our engineers then work to create a schematic for the printed circuit board. This is the blueprint that will be used for production, and it provides all the traces as well as the specific types of technologies and components that will be used on the board.

Discussing Options

Our customers come to us with the designs to be used for the the PCB they require. Our engineers take the time to review this information and to suggest specific changes that could be made to increase performance, decrease the risk of issues with the board or, most often, to reduce the cost of production.

Of course, our team of highly trained engineers specializing in custom circuit board design understands the specific regulations and standards for the application, so all recommendations reflect those requirements. In a majority of projects, our engineers can make modifications that not only create a superior board, but that also provides a more efficient and effective process during printed circuit board assembly.

To discuss your next project requiring custom circuit board design, or to ask questions about our printed circuit board assembly services, call the team at 888-744-8588.