Tips For Working With Wire Harness Manufacturers

April 20th, 2018 | Posted by admin

In most systems, from automotives to electronics, cables and wires have to be carefully routed within and between parts and components. In some applications, particularly in electronics, the space and the structure of the system has to be carefully considered in relation to the location of cables and wires.

For machinery and heavy equipment, or in aerospace, military or for video and surveillance equipment, the wire and cable may need to be run very precisely and kept away from specific components to avoid heat, vibration or electromagnetic damage.

In some applications, particularly in equipment, aerospace, vehicles, agricultural machines and for military and defense use, it may be essential to keep cables and wires secured to avoid contact with water or with potentially corrosive substances.

With all of these requirements, choosing the right cable harness will be critical. As top wire harness manufacturers, engineers at Assembly Solutions will assist in all aspects of the design and manufacturing to create the ideal harness.

Early Involvement

Ideally, have the in-house design and engineering team consult with our team of wire harness manufacturers to share the specific challenges or concerns with the application. The more information the cable harness design experts have for the project, the more they can specialize the design to address those requirements.

Speed of Turnaround

Not all wire harness manufacturers are large-scale order providers. This does not mean they will not work on large orders, but it will mean a longer turnaround time for orders. At Assembly Solutions, we can handle orders of all sizes with minimum turnaround time.

For an OEM, the speed of turnaround time once the design is approved is often a key factor. We are also able to scale up production as needed, ensuring we can continue to fill orders as demand increases.
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