What to Expect From Top Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

December 14th, 2018 | Posted by admin

At Assembly Solutions, we work with OEMs across many industries. These range from startup companies who are rolling out their first products, to very well-established OEMs that are moving from in-house electronic manufacturing to highly qualified outsourced electronic contract manufacturing services.

We also work with many OEMs who are currently working with other electronic contract manufacturing services and are no longer finding the partnership is in their best interests. In many of these cases, the current contract manufacturer is not meeting the quality requirements of the OEM, is failing to meet the delivery schedule requested by the OEM or is not offering the full range of electronic contract manufacturing services required.

Our Approach

At Assembly Solutions, we focus on these issues and make this a central part of our business. Our philosophy in working with all of our customers, regardless of their size, is to provide the highest possible quality assurance as well as value-added services possible.

In addition, we see our role as to help our partner OEM to reduce the cost of production and assembly of their components without compromising on quality. Often, very simple changes in design or production can save money on each unit and, in many cases, it adds to the durability, function, and reliability of the part or component we are working on.

Our value-added services and our ability to offer both engineering design services as well as assembly services allows us to take the ideas of our customers from concept through to assembly. With our experience across a wide range of industries, we often have the ability to take on challenges other electronic contract manufacturers cannot.

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