Why Hire Custom Cable Manufacturers?

April 17th, 2018 | Posted by admin

With the wide selection and seemingly endless options in standard cables for all types of electronics, it can be difficult to see why an OEM may need to turn to custom cable manufacturers. However, for many innovative products, this is the only realistic and cost-effective solution.

There are several very good reasons why working with custom cable manufacturers can actually save an OEM money over working with standard cables already available on the market. Understanding the advantages of custom cables in any design is essential, and our team at Assembly Solutions is here to help.

Designed for the Use

Having the ability to allow the project engineers to design to the end requirements or desired features and functions of the product, rather than being limited with standard cable features, is important. Our engineers at Assembly Solutions can work with your internal team to create the ideal cable based on the specifics of the application.

This allows for greater levels of innovation, a longer life cycle for the part, component or system as well as a more efficient system, often with a more efficient design.

Specialized Protection

A very important advantage of working with custom cable manufacturers is the ability to provide the exact requirements and then have the cable created to meet those exacting standards. There is no need to compromise on one aspect of the cable requirements in order to ensure another requirement is met.

All aspects of the cable from the insulation used, the jacketing material and even the electrical tolerances where the cable will be used can all be considered and integrated into the custom cable.

In addition, we work on a daily basis with industry regulations, approvals, and requirements. We can provide the cable required by any OEM to meet all regulatory requirements both for sale within the United States as well as for international sales of equipment, parts, components or systems. Give us a call today at 1-800-744-8588 or contact us through the website for more information.